An interactive and informative dialogue regarding alcohol and other drugs. This workshop is based on the principles of harm reduction and employs a Motivational Enhancement framework. These 90-minute sessions are aligned with evidence-based practices and the BASICS Model (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students). A primary goal is for students to feel empowered to make informed and healthy decisions about their use of alcohol or other drugs. Most students completing the workshop have offered positive feedback regarding their experiences and appreciate the collaborative format.

Participants are encouraged to consider the desired and “not-so-good” outcomes of substance use and evaluate their relationship to alcohol and other drugs. Strategies for practicing harm reduction are discussed, and ways of increasing the desired effects while minimizing the undesirable. Participants are also offered information regarding Washington State law, campus policy, how to identify potential overdose, and how to respond in a crisis. Resources are provided for additional support if needed.

If you are interested in attending a Decrease Your Risk workshop or an individual session, please contact CHWS. The workshops are often required for students completing a conduct sanction due to violation of the university’s Integrity Code. If you are required to participate in Decrease Your Risk, please contact Janet Frostad at or 253.879.3322 to find out when the next available session is scheduled.