Goal 3: We continuously work to develop, strengthen, remake and repair relationships with diverse constituencies from Tacoma and the broader regions and to build mutually beneficial collaborations that promote just transformation and further educational and civic aims of the campus and the broader community


1) Create and promote opportunities for campus members to learn about diverse communities that make up, surround, and intersect campus life, the histories of those communities, and the histories of the university’s relationship to those communities.

2) Build connections and relationships that enhance the educational experiences and cultural competencies of Puget Sound students, faculty, and staff and that provide opportunities for collaboration and shared leadership and decision-making between the campus and its community partners.

3) Develop civic engagement and scholarship opportunities for campus members to learn, volunteer, and work in diverse local settings.

4) Institute practices of university accountability and support for creating and sustaining a desegregated and truly representative campus community through community connections and engagement


  • Support initiatives in Civic Scholarship and Experiential Learning.
  • Support Race and Pedagogy Initiative, Freedom Education Project Puget Sound, and Sound Policy Institute.
  • Support the Puget Sound Museum of Natural History outreach initiatives.
  • Support faculty-led international initiatives.
  • Support Access Programs relationship with, and initiatives within, Tacoma Public Schools.
  • Support Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement in connecting with diverse local religious organizations and community agencies that support various minoritized and/or low-income communities.
  • Support alternative break programs that help students engage local and regional minoritized communities in just equitable relationships.