Goal 2: We continuously work towards intentionally fostering and sustaining a welcoming campus community that strives for structural diversity, cultivates a culture of inclusive learning, supports systemic transformation, and is based on the principles of equity and inclusion.


1) Actively work to ensure the quality of experiences and sense of belonging for systemically non-dominant individuals and groups and respond to experiences and needs related to historical and contemporary issues of systemic inequity within the Puget Sound community.

2) Address gains, opportunities, and challenges of becoming a more diverse campus by enhancing and providing intercultural development opportunities, such as cultural competence and literary training for faculty, staff, students, and trustees.

3) Create, revise, and sustain structures such as policies, resources, enforcement, and response protocols that strengthen an inclusive campus climate

4) Support continued development of curriculum and scholarship that address structural diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

5) Build on co-curricular programming that engages campus community members in the challenges and rewards of valuing diversity.


  • Fully implement Knowledge, Identity, and Power graduation requirement.
  • Implement African American Studies major.
  • Implement Queer Studies component of Mellon Humanities and Culture in the Digital Age grant project.
  • Support faculty, staff, and trustee development workshops and training focused on support and needs of minoritized and underrepresented groups and individuals on campus.
  • Assess needs and responsibilities of Title IX coordination on the campus.
  • Engage campus community in conversations about campus climate survey results.
  • Revise and strengthen the institution’s Bias and Hate Response Protocol.
  • Provide resources for training Security Services staff on sexual assault prevention and intervention.
  • Bolster funding and staff for sexual assault prevention and intervention.
  • Bolster funding, space, and staff support for mental health care.
  • Bolster funding and infrastructure for Office of Student Accommodation and Accessibility.
  • Prioritize the creation of a student cultural center in the campus master plan.
  • Support gender-neutral bathrooms, gender-neutral changing areas, and other amenities for gender nonconforming persons to all future construction projects.
  • Strengthen and expand student leadership training related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Support capacity building for growing work related to intercultural and interfaith resources through the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement.