Thomas Hall

With its central location and balance of independence and community, this on-campus housing opportunity can’t be beat. It is equipped with five unaffiliated flats available to all juniors and seniors. This beautiful building is also home to students who are living and learning as a part of premiere academic-residential programs. This robust and engaging scholarly environment is driven by faculty-student partnerships. Current students with sophomore standing and above have the opportunity to apply to live in an unaffiliated or a themed community for the upcoming school year. The room rate for a single in Thomas is a premium rate.

Fast Facts

👤 Capacity: 135

🏠 Types of rooms: 9-14 single rooms placed in 11 larger flats

🍎 Meal Plan: required

💁 Who lives here: students of junior or senior standing in co-educational flats

Amenities Per Student

🏨 1 extra-long twin-size bed

📖 desk with drawers

💺 chair

🚪 wardrobe

📚 bookshelf

Common Amenities (in each flat)

🚽 bathrooms: 3 or 4 bathrooms shared among 9-14 residents of a flat

🎦 fully furnished living room

🍴 kitchen and full dining table

🌀 full free laundry

📶 free wifi

♒ heat capable per room

Flat Breakdown

Unaffiliated Flats

  • Thomas 1st Floor East: Rooms 101-113
  • Thomas 2nd Floor East: Rooms 201-213
  • Thomas 3rd floor East: 301-313 (RCC Suite)
  • Thomas 3rd floor West: 331-344
  • Thomas 4th floor East: 401-413
  • Thomas 5th floor East: Rooms 501-514 (RCC Suite)
  • Thomas 5th floor South 561-569 

Michel Rocchi International District

  • Thomas 1st Floor West: Rooms 121-129
  • Thomas 2nd Floor West: Rooms 231-243


  • Thomas 4th floor West: 431-444
  • Thomas 4th floor South: 461-464, 466-470, 475 (9 rooms)


Halls & Houses Floor Plans

Residential Living Policies, Rates, & Refunds

Housing Selection Process


Michel Rocchi International District  

The Michel Rocchi International District offers an experiential living for students with an international focus. It is a home for those whose academic pursuits and interests include an international component, and for action-oriented upper division students. To live in one of these flats, you should want to live interactively with students that share the same interests.

This program also provides a home for study abroad students to orient themselves pre-departure and re-acclimate upon returning to Puget Sound. 

Applying to live in the Michel Rocchi International District? Complete the MRID Application Online!

Questions? Diane Kelley, faculty sponsor, at, Wyatt 239, 253.879.3534. 


Honors Residential Program 

The Honors Program at Puget Sound offers students a chance to fulfill their Core Requirements in courses that focus on classic texts of Eastern and Western civilization. Each year, 34 students are selected to participate in this four-year program. These students will take classes together and build a common base of knowledge from which to draw on in subsequent classes. During senior year, each student in the program will write an Honors Thesis in their major or field of study and then present their research to the community. At graduation, students who complete the program will be designated as Coolidge Otis Chapman Honors Scholars.

Interested in living in the Honors Flat in Thomas Hall or Langlow House for the upcoming school year? Applications are available now!