The University Chaplaincy: Creating Meaning at Puget Sound

Welcome to the University Chaplaincy! We are a resource that seeks to offer support, care, connection, and challenge to all students, faculty, and staff – inclusive of those of all spiritual and religious backgrounds, as well as those who find meaning in other approaches to the world. The Chaplaincy works to help campus members of all roles and stories to find and create meaning during their time studying, living, and working at Puget Sound.

As we work to support students, faculty, and staff of all, no, and any spiritualities or faiths, the Chaplaincy is explicitly committed to being an affirming, inclusive space, with specific commitments to LGBTQ+ inclusion, students/faculty/staff of color, those who are immigrants and refugees, and more. We also advocate for growing into a Campus of Compassion, centered in values of equity, care, and growth for all members of the community.

In this time when almost everything is remote or online, please check out the links on this page to get more information about our events and resources.  Some of the things on offer for Fall 2020 include:

  • both short-term and ongoing small groups
  • online and (limited) in-person religious gatherings
  • special speakers, concerts, and more
  • casual gatherings to create art, share poetry, and possibly even some dancing!

As a strictly confidential resource for students, faculty, and staff, University Chaplain Dave Wright is available to meet with all members of the campus community for conversation, reflection, exploration, support, and more. Their drop-in office hours are posted here. You can also email to set up an appointment.