RHA Linen Program

If you would like to order supplies for your room or you are a parent, family member, loved one or friend interested in sending your student a care package, linens and decor for move-in can be ordered online, or via the information sent with your housing placement letter sent late July. If you have questions about the care package or linen program, please email rha@pugetsound.edu for more information.Thank you for your support of RHA!

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) participates in yearly conferences on both the regional and national level called PACURH (Pacific Affiliation of College, Universities and Residence Halls) and NACURH (National Affiliation of College, Universities and Residence Halls). Attending these conferences provides student leaders excellent opportunities to learn more about ways to enhance the residential student experience for all students at Puget Sound. The RHA executive board works hard preparing for these conferences, and tries to bring as many students as possible. Utilizing these conferences as an opportunity to network and learn about best practices from other RHA groups from campuses across the country (and world!), allows students to connect what they are learning outside the classroom to how these skills relate to careers post graduation. PACURH, Regional Business Conference, and  NACURH, teach students more about the responsibilities that come with leadership positions, and foster the growth and development of our residential community.

To assist the executive board in their ability to fund these conferences, RHA partners with on off-campus linen program (On Campus Marketing) for students and parents interested in ordering linens that match the unique specifications of our mattresses on campus. This programs allows for loved ones to provide extra support for their students, and helps RHA be the best student organization it can be by attending these conferences.