Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association is a group devoted to enhancing the residential experience for all on campus students at Puget Sound. We support students on campus by providing programs that make living on campus more fun, focus on their holistic well-being and even more convenient. By providing programs such as our refrigerator rental and linens programs or taking students out to soccer games, and holding dances on campus, RHA is here for you!

*   *   * Please note: During the Spring 2021 semester, mini-refrigerators and microwaves will not be available for rental. We hope to be able to offer these again in Fall 2021. All on-campus residences have either private or communal kitchens for student use *   *   *

The RHA Executive Board consists of five members.  The five executive positions include a President, Vice-president/National Communications Coordinator (NCC), Director of Business Services, Director of Administration and Recognition, and a Director of Publicity. This Executive Board provides support through training, regular weekly meetings, and leadership opportunities for students getting involved with their Hall Governments. The RHA Executive Board works closely with the Hall Governments and other campus and community organizations to create programs and activities for all on-campus students, whether you live in a residence hall or a campus house.

RHA is happy to help support events through funding services or co-programming opportunities. To see how we can help, click here!

General Council meetings are held weekly. Stop by our meetings to hear about what is going on around campus specifically for residential students, or get involved to have a say in what events your student funds are supporting! 

Meeting time and location for the 2020-2021 academic year to be announced!