Resident Student Association (RSA)

The Resident Student Association (RSA) is a group devoted to enhancing the residential experience for all on campus students at Puget Sound.  RSA programs are fun and exciting, as can be seen through activities like our award-winning Casino Night or LoggerDaze Homecoming events.  In addition, we offer programs that make living on campus more convenient, such as our refrigerator rental and linens programs.  The RSA is here for you!

The RSA Executive Board consists of five members.  The five executive positions include a President, Vice-president/National Communications Coordinator (NCC), Director of Business Services, Director of Administration and Recognition, and a Director of Publicity. This executive board provides support through training, regular weekly meetings, and leadership opportunities for the Residence Hall Associations (RHAs). RHAs are essentially individual hall governments.  The RSA Executive Board works closely with the RHAs and other campus and community organizations to create programs and activities for all on-campus students, whether you live in a residence hall or a campus house.

RSA meets Thursdays during the academic year at 7:30 p.m. in Wyatt 101. Meetings are open to any member of the residential community. If you are looking for funding for an event that benefits the on-campus student population, please use the RSA Funding Proposal. 

Stop by our meetings to hear about what is going on around campus specifically for residential students, or get involved to have a say in what events your student funds are supporting!

RSA Constitution

One of RSA’s main functions is to help organize and operate the Residence Hall Association (RHA) within each of our residence halls on campus.  Each of our residence halls elects five members from their hall to serve as their representatives to the rest of campus.  Each RHA consists of five executive members: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Programmer, and Publicist.  These members work closely with the RSA and represent their hall in the RSA/RHA General Council meetings.  In addition, they organize individual RHA meetings and work with the RA (Resident Assistant) Staff to plan great programming for their fellow residents.

The RSA extends beyond campus as well and is connected to campuses across the regional and national level.  As a part of the Pacific Affiliate for College and University Residence Halls (PACURH), the RSA maintains contact with colleges and universities in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, and even British Columbia and Australia.  Through the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), the RSA also maintains contact with institutions across the United States.