Langlow House

Langlow House, built in 1906, is the optional residence for sophomores continuing in the Honors Program. With a mix of single, double, and triple rooms, and multiple common living areas, Langlow is an ideal way to better get to know fellow honors students.

Are you interested in living in the Honors Residential Program for the upcoming school year? Contact the Honors Program Coordinator Ti Nguyen at, or Residence Life at


    • Triples: Rm 102, 205
    • Doubles: Rm 104, 201, 204
    • Singles: Rm 003, 004

Amenities Per Student

🏨 1 extra-long twin-size bed

📖 desk with drawers

💺 chair

🚪 wardrobe/closet

Common Amenities

🚽 bathrooms: 1 per floor

🎦 fully furnished living room (garden level, 2 on first floor)

🍴 full kitchen (garden level); dining room (first floor)

🌀 full free laundry (garden level)

📶 free wifi 

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Residential Living Policies, Rates, & Refunds

Housing Selection Process