According to Bruce Vandenburg of Michigan State University, "Advertising is a field that demands good oral and written communication skills. Someone who plans a career in advertising should be a people person." Obtaining a degree in advertising includes learning about the research involved in developing advertising strategies, how advertising campaigns are produced, how marketing plays into advertising, and, of course, related computer skills.

Vandenburg projected that advertising will be one of the top growth career areas for the year 2000 and beyond. There should be a high demand for new graduates. This growth appears to be based on the role of advertising as it relates to new electronic, computer-based technologies, including the Internet and CD-ROM.

Careers in advertising

  • advertising or marketing specialist
  • copy writer
  • account executive
  • sales manager
  • media planner
  • media buyer
  • creative director
  • media sales representative
  • public opinion researcher

Communication courses that can enhance an advertising career

  • research methods
  • persuasion
  • argumentation theory
  • TV culture
  • interpersonal communication
  • gender and communication
  • group communication
  • intercultural communication
  • communication and diversity
  • advanced media studies
  • contemporary issues in organizations