This policy is no longer current; please see the updated COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.

Effective Jan. 9, 2022
Revised June 1, 2022

Puget Sound is operating as a fully vaccinated campus as defined in the Governor’s Proclamation 20-12.3 and has implemented safety measures and requirements to support a healthy environment and protect campus members and visitors. Safety measures include protocols and procedures associated with visitors on campus, which continue to be limited and monitored to mitigate risks of COVID-19. 

The provost and area vice presidents have overall responsibility for approving visits and managing visitor compliance with protocols within their areas of responsibility and may delegate visitor approval authority and compliance management to appropriate team member(s) within their area(s) of responsibilities. The provost/area vice president, or their delegate(s), will provide guidance for limiting visits to the most essential mission-based and operating purposes. Limitations and protocols may vary over time relative to COVID-19 conditions and/or government and health department requirements and guidance. 

The following protocols and procedures apply to anyone visiting campus, whether for a meeting, class visit, tour, or any other purpose.

  • Pre-Approval. Visitors to buildings/indoor spaces, as well as organized outdoor visits, require preapproval by the provost/area vice president or their delegate(s). All visitors must demonstrate or affirm that they are current on their COVID-19 vaccines, including booster shots as eligible, when on campus grounds and/or in campus buildings OR provide a negative COVID-19 test result—from either a PCR or antigen test—(taken within 72 hours of event) to the visitor delegate.  
  • Vendors/Contractors. Visits by essential vendors and contractors must be accommodated and managed by the applicable overseeing department. 
  • Advance Communication. Those hosting or accommodating an approved visitor should send the visitor an advance communication, whenever possible, regarding protocols to let them know what to expect.
  • Upon Arrival. Hosts (and/or visitors) should complete a COVID-19 Visitor Log entry upon visitor arrival to campus. The visit then can continue or must be canceled, according to log instructions. Departments/program hosts should maintain electronic and/or hard copy self-screening reports for visits they host. 
  • Masks. Masking indoors is not required, but is recommended if social distancing is not possible. We recommend that members of the general public wear one of the following types of masks: KN95, N95 or similar mask, or three-ply surgical/medical-grade mask.
  • Outdoor Spaces. Approved campus visits may occur outdoors if in compliance with the protocols herein, as well as with other government requirements and applicable university guidance.
  • Events. For events that include participants other than students, faculty, and staff, please refer to the following university policy: COVID-19 Prevention: Interim Policy for In-Person Events That Include Participants Other Than Students, Faculty and Staff.

This policy is subject to further revision as conditions, guidance, and restrictions change.