The Salon on April 18 will feature Jackie Brookner, an eco-artist based in New York and a Professor at Parsons, The New School of Design. She has created many artworks in collaboration with scientists and is currently working on an NEA sponsored project creating community engaged art in Fargo, ND (


545pm Doors Open

615-645pm Q& A with Jackie Brookner

645-715pm - Panel discussion (with Peter Wimberger, Elise Richman,

Suzanne Holland, Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Tess Warner and Joanna Dudley)

715-735pm Brainstorming with audience followed by mingling

The Salon will involve a panel discussion followed by a conversation with Jackie about the collaborative process with scientists - with special focus on a new project she has been thinking about. This conversation will look into the concept of the individual, the many levels of organisms and worlds that reside within us, the separation between inside and the outside and the interfaces between these worlds. The audience will be invited to brainstorm about ideas on altered perception, consciousness and exploring these cosmologies (inside us and outside).

ArtSciSalon Urban Rain.pdf

Some Videos of Jackie's works

Ted Ex at Fargo