While there are dozens of photo-sharing sites out there, Flickr has the largest market share. It is currently used by several campus departments, including a main university account under the univpugetsound handle. For that reason, unless you have specific needs that require you to use a different photo-sharing tool, we recommend that you go with Flickr. It makes for a more cohesive user experience if all our photo-sharing links go to the same site.

You can open a Flickr account for free, but for $24.95 a year, you can greatly increase your capacity. See the table below for comparison information.


Free Flickr Account

Flickr Pro Account ($24.95/year)

Monthly photo upload limit



Maximum individual photo size



Monthly video upload limit

2 videos


Maximum video file size



Photostream visible

200 most recent images


Group pool posts per photo

10 group pools

60 group pools

Original high-res photo availability



HD video



Replace a photo





View count and referrer data available

Not sure you want to maintain your own departmental Flickr account or that you have enough photos to merit one? Consider having the Office of Communications post your photosets on the main university account.

Other Flickr details and tips:

  • Try to post event-related pics as promptly as possible following the event. We live in an era where people expect things available immediately.
  • Upload only the best photos from your event. Especially avoid uploading lots of similar photos.
  • Be sure to tag and organize your photos as you go and make sure one of your tags is the University of Puget Sound!
  • You can create a Flickr badge to include on your web page, or contact the web specialist for assistance embedding a Flickr slideshow on your web page.
  • You can favorite photos from other photosets, such as those from the main university account. People viewing your photostream will be able to see these connected photos and accounts by choosing the Favorites link.
  • Be sure to review the Community Guidelines for using Flickr: flickr.com/help/guidelines.
  • Consider adding photo credits, particularly if the photo is owned by the University of Puget Sound and taken by campus photographer Sy Bean. Flickr has copyright information posted, but we all know how easy it is for people to lift photos from the web, even though it’s illegal. Flickr does offer the protection that you can’t right-click and save an image, but it is possible to capture the image that appears on the screen, albeit in a low-resolution version.