Our Vision

Our Vision

We challenge and support our students as they become broadly and deeply educated lifelong learners, prepared to create and serve the future and become the world’s next generation of visionary leaders.

Leadership for a Changing World

University of Puget Sound 2018-28 Strategic Plan

University of Puget Sound enters the coming decade in a strong position. We are a stable and well-managed institution, ideally located in the Pacific Northwest, where the ethos of innovation, possibility, and individual determination is very much a part of our campus culture. As we look to the challenges and opportunities of the future, we will build on our strengths to guide our national liberal arts college to its next level of distinction and success.

Over the past year the university—its students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and trustees—have worked together to develop Leadership for a Changing World, a student-centered strategic plan guided by our vision and values, built on our mission and educational goals, and supported by a commitment to do all that we can to make a Puget Sound education ever more meaningful, relevant, accessible, and distinctive. Over the coming decade we will be bold and forward-looking in the delivery of our residential liberal arts education to meet the needs of this and future generations of students.