Page Content

Since search engines look at the content on a page to help with their site indexing, it is imperative that you use the keywords associated with the page content on the page. Some resources advise using the key term(s) at least three times in the body copy if possible. If it makes sense, bolding at least one entry of the keyword in the text can also increase it's value related to the search engine evaluation of the site's relevance.

If you have added images to your content area, it is advised to use the keyword(s) in the alt attributes for the image(s), if it makes sense to do so (e.g., if the image is not related to the keyword, it doesn't make sense to include it). The alt attributes would include the caption (for Photo Gallery images), image description, or title (both for images added to the Page Content field).

Canonicalization (or Duplicate Content)

In the world of SEO, canonicalization (besides being one heck of a vocabulary word) is the practice of organizing your content so that information is presented only one place on the website rather than duplicated in multiple locations. Multiple copies of information on a site leaves search engines unsure which is the best one to show in search results, as well as opening yourself up to the possibility of having incorrect data on one of those pages. It is generally better to have a single location for information and then link to it or redirect a page to it.

Breaking Up Content

This is a tricky topic because it's possible to break up content too much or too little. It is best to logically break long sections of content into two or more pages. However, it can detract from search engine optimization if content is broken up so much that you end up with multiple pages with only a line or two of content on them. 

Fresh, easy-to-read content

Ultimately the best thing you can do to increase the value and traffic to your site is to provide fresh, well-written, easy-to-read content. Avoid spelling and grammarical errors. Good content will yield repeat traffic and people who want to link to our site, which in turn impacts search engine optimization.

In addition, avoid overuse of pre-formatted heading styles, particularly in places where bold or italicized text would be more appropriate.