Students AND faculty are being advised that if they are diagnosed with or have suspected influenza to not attend class and avoid contact with others for at least 24 hours after their fever resolves. Students and faculty might be out of classes for up to two full weeks in some cases. For faculty, this presents some special challenges in planning for course continuity. We’ve put together some resources for faculty to think about with regard to using technology in their teaching in response to wide-spread illness.

Basic Considerations:

  • Policy Changes: Look over your syllabus, attendance, participation and grading policies to see whether you need to modify them. Outline how you will handle late assignments or missed exams. You might want to consider how to fairly assess late work from students and keep them informed so they know what to expect.
  • Communication: You may want to review with your students the plans you have in place to help them keep up with their coursework in the event they get sick. Be sure to tell them how you will issue updates about changes in your class plans or update them on assignments using Moodle, email or other method.
  • If You Are Sick: Think about what might happen if you have to miss some class sessions due to your own illness. You might plan alternate activities for your students or discuss possible plans with your departmental colleagues. Be aware in advance of your options for technologies which can help. Specific Suggestions for Course Continuity.

Educational Technology staff can offer assistance to faculty seeking ways to minimize course disruption if students or faculty must miss class due to flu. We can provide workshops, office visits and one-on-one consultations around these and other topics.