For information about vDesk and how to get started, visit our vDesk Information page.

What is the server address?

How do I connect to my network share?

Your personal network share is automatically mapped when you launch vDesk. Simply launch File Explorer (click the

icon) and your network share will show up under “Network Locations”. Double-click to view your files.

To map an additional network share, right click on This PC and select Map Network Drive. Type the full path of the network share you are trying to connect to in the “Folder” field, then click Finish. For more details on how to map a network share, see Mapping a Network Drive.


How do I access documents on my local computer?

You must be using the VMware Horizon Client in order to access files on your local computer from vDesk. If you launch File Explorer and click “This PC”, you should see an item labeled “Network Drive (Y:)” under Network Locations. This is where the items on your local hard drive are displayed on vDesk.


If that does not appear, click the VMware icon on your taskbar or dock, click the settings gear icon, click Sharing, check the box next to “Share your local files [your username]” and click OK.


How do I access my Puget Sound email in vDesk?

You can use any browser and go to You can also launch Microsoft Outlook from the Start Menu. Please note that you will need to setup your signatures and add in any additional Puget Sound email accounts you may have access to.

How do I print from vDesk?

To print documents from vDesk, select File and Print from your application's menu options. In the print menu you will be able to print to your local computer's default printer, and to lab or classroom printers in your area if you are on campus. You can choose Puget Sound Printer on Printers to print to any student printer with a fast card release device.

Where should I save my files when using vDesk?

We recommend that you always save to your network share. Please note that it may not be the default location for saving files depending on what application you are using.

Please do not save anything to the virtual desktop or documents folder. The “Local Disk (C:)” that shows up will not save to your computer. Anything you “save” to these locations will disappear when your session ends or expires.

How do I check my PrintGreen balance?

Open any browser in vDesk and go to and sign in to view your PrintGreen balance or to add funds.

How do I get vDesk to only show up on one screen when using the client?

If you’re using the VMware Horizon Client, go into the settings and click Student/Faculty Desktops. In the Display dropdown, select Fullscreen.


How do I copy/paste between vDesk and my local computer in the HTML version?

To copy/paste in the HTML version, you will need to use the Clipboard feature of vDesk. To access this, click the tab on the left side of your vDesk environment, click the “clipboard” icon, and you will see a panel appear. Copy/paste from your local computer to the panel then copy/paste again from the panel to vDesk (and vice versa).