This page contains information on how to use vDesk for accessing a wide range of software such as Microsoft Office Suite, and other classroom applications. Another alternative solution to using Microsoft Office Suite for students is to download Microsoft Office 365 which is also free. See below.

All About Using vDesk - Virtual Desktop

Student Access to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft's Student Offers allows students to register for a free Office 365 account using a ".edu" email. As this service is provided by Microsoft, the University of Puget Sound cannot guarantee that Microsoft will continue to provide free Office 365 access to students.

Support Information Regarding Office 365 Accounts 

Technology Services is unable to provide troubleshooting for Office 365 as the applications are stored and managed on Microsoft's application servers. If you are having issues with Office 365 applications contact Microsoft Support.


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This video explains how to log into Virtual Desktop (vDesk), gain access to programs such as SPSS, and demonstrates saving to a Puget Sound network drive.

About Network Share Drive - Cloud Storage

Students have 4 GB of network share drive to use for academic files. Learn how to map to a network share.
How to Map Network Drive on Windows.pdf
How to Map Network Drive on MacOS.pdf
Video: How to Map Network Drive on Windows
Video: How to Map Network Drive on MacOS