Contact Educational Technology about best practices for using technology to enhance teaching and learning. 

In addition to Canvas and Google Workspace, below are some other recommended technologies we support, though it is by no means a complete list of the options and resources available for specific disciplines.


Audio Recording

Audio Recording provides opportunities to reflect, practice language, and give oral arguments, among many other activities. Students might be given a podcasting assignment where they will research a topic and create a segment that discusses the issue in-depth. Students can create digital storytelling projects or oral histories, or practice pronunciation. We offer several audio recording options on campus, including: Audacity, Garageband, Logic Pro, and Soundtrap, and there is a reservable podcast studio in LI-016.

Canva for Campus

Canva (not to be confused with Canvas) is a visual design and publishing tool for creating presentations, posters, social media graphics, videos and more. It also has a built-in PDF editor. Canva for Campus is managed by Print & Copy Services. For more information  visit: (faculty and staff)  or (students). 

Video Production

Video Production allows students to tell a story, create a meaningful way of responding to prompts, and can be useful for self reflection. Videos can be used for documentaries, demonstrations, art portfolios, historical reenactments, exploration, examining social issues, travelogues, and more. We can help faculty develop meaningful interpretations of coursework and research in video format. We support video editing software such as DaVinci ResolveiMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Clipchamp, and Adobe Premiere Pro


WordPress is a flexible blog platform that has many useful pedagogical applications. Our WordPress environment can be configured in many different ways to allow students to engage with course content. Some examples include students being responsible for supplying class readings, interpretations, or commenting on each other’s work or on current events. This program lends itself to collaborative creation of web-based content to curate artifacts. It can be a site for students to document their digital work throughout the course, or build an online community. Contact us for more information on how to create and use a university-hosted WordPress site in your class.