Reserve Equipment

To reserve equipment for checkout, contact Media Services at, or by visiting Media Services at LI-066. 

Checkout and Renewal

Depending on availability and demand for the item, equipment may be checked out for up to 5 days. Certain items, because of demand, may only be available for checkout for one day. If you need an item for an extended loan period, contact Media Services prior to checking out the equipment to confirm availability. If equipment is not booked in advance, availability is not guaranteed, and renewals may not be authorized. 

Student Late Fees

When an item has been overdue for 30 days, it is automatically marked as lost, and the patron will be fined for the replacement cost of the item. Late fines can be paid at the Circulation Desk on the main floor of Collins Memorial Library.

Patron Responsibility for Items

If one patron checks out an item, even if they give the item to another patron for use, the patron who initially checked out the item is responsible for its return to the Media Services Desk, and will be held responsible for any associated fines or fees. All equipment is expected to be returned in full, and in the same condition it was checked out. If any equipment is lost or broken, the signed patron must report to Media Services immediately for deliberation on replacement.