In order to distribute limited data storage resources fairly and in accordance with the university's mission, Technology Services allocates space as follows:

Exchange Storage (includes Email, Calendar, and Contacts) – 1 GB (Students), 2 GB (Faculty/Staff)

If your Exchange storage use exceeds 100% of your allocation, the system will begin sending you warning messages. At 104% usage, the system will begin to return any messages sent to you to the sender, and you will not be able to send any further messages. Messages that you have sent count toward your storage usage unless you delete them from the Sent Items folder. Deleted items count toward your storage unless you empty the Deleted Items folder.

Individual Network Share – 4 GB for students, 6 GB for staff, and 10 GB for faculty

The university has two share servers:

  • The academic file server is for use by faculty and students.
  • The administrative file server is for use by departments and staff.

At 100% usage, the system will no longer allow you to write to your individual network share. Access will be restored once you delete items from your share.

Individual network shares are held in accordance with the university’s Email, Voice Mail, and Network Access Policy which states, in part, that reasonable effort will be made to ensure each share remains private. We do not routinely monitor the contents of individual network shares, but we cannot guarantee absolute privacy.

Departmental Network Shares – 2 GB per user

By default, departmental network shares are generally accessible to a group of people to support the work in their department or administrative unit. These shares are allocated 2 GB of space per departmental share user. Student organizations may have shares created upon the written request of that organization's advisor.

Procedure for Increasing a Share

To request an increase to an individual or departmental share beyond 2 GB, please send a request to the Technology Service Desk at specifying the amount of additional space requested and why it is required.

Procedure for Accessing or Creating a Departmental Share

Access to a departmental network share may be granted by the administrator of that share through Cascade or a request to the Technology Service Desk at

Creation of a new departmental share requires a request to the Technology Service Desk at Please identify the users who should have access to the new share.