Servers at the University of Puget Sound are backed up on the following schedule:

Eight (8) weeks of retained data with daily and weekly full backups.
Tapes sent off weekly for two weeks to offsite storage.

Employees: When an employee leaves the university and their former account is deactivated per the Accounts Policy, all associated data such as files and/or e-mail associated with that former employee’s account normally will be retained for four (4) weeks and then automatically deleted. The former employee’s supervisor may request an extension to the retention period, in writing, prior to the end of the four week period after the employee has left the university.

Students: Accounts deactivated per the Accounts Policy will be retained for four (4) weeks before the account and all the associated data such as files and/or e-mail are deleted.

Data maintained on university administrative computing systems (Cascade, PeopleSoft, et al) may be permanently retained at the discretion of a department or division for such department or division’s area of accountability. Data administrators are responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and retention of data files in their areas.