Educational Technology staff are here to support Puget Sound faculty's teaching, digital scholarship and research technology needs. We are available for hands-on, practical training to an entire class by invitation of the instructor, in small groups, or one-on-one. We are also available to discuss best practices or brainstorm with faculty on new ways to use technology in their teaching and research.

To the right in the grey box, you'll see a number of topics of interest to faculty. Of particular interest, check out the new Faculty Training Opportunities page. We will be adding to these opportunities regularly. Also, under Examples of Teaching with Technology, you'll find examples of our faculty and faculty from other schools using technology in ways that enrich their teaching and their students learning. Pedagogical Resources for Teaching with Technology provides links to articles and ongoing conversations about the interplay of technology and pedagogy.

We are always looking for additional and better ways to provide service to our faculty-- please let us know at or by phone at 253.879.3259 if you have new ideas you'd like to explore!