Faculty/Staff Directory

Current Faculty and Staff now have access to a Faculty/Staff Directory in myPugetSound! To access it, log in to login.pugetsound.edu and click on myPugetSound. On the myPugetSound homepage, you will see a Faculty/Staff Directory tile.

To look up someone's contact information, type their name or department in the search box. You will see possible results displayed and can use the arrows to navigate through the results. To view a list of all faculty/staff, click Browse Directory.

NOTE: To protect the security of faculty/staff contact information, please do not print this directory or share it with anyone who is not a member of the Puget Sound community.


Finding Contact Information in Google Workspace

When using Google Mail, email addresses for campus members will automatically populate when you type their name when composing a new email.

To access the directory, log in to your university email then go to contacts.google.com. Within Google Contacts, click on Directory or use the search function.