Zoom Phone


Technology Services provides Zoom phone services for the University of Puget Sound community. For questions and assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585, servicedesk@pugetsound.edu, or visit the Tech Center in Collins Memorial Library.

Requesting a Physical Phone

To request a physical desk phone, please submit a ticket to the Technology Service Desk at servicedesk@pugetsound.edu with the following information:

  • User's name
  • User's email address
  • Physical location of phone on campus
  • Any specific functionality requests such as those related to reception or administrative duties

Dialing Instructions

The university’s area code is 253 and all campus extensions have the prefix of 879. Ex.: 253.879.XXXX

  • On-campus calls - Dial the last four digits of the telephone number.
  • Off-campus calls - Dial number normally, using 10 digits including the area code.

Find campus phone numbers for faculty and staff in your Zoom contact list.



Getting Started with Zoom Phone

       Zoom Phone Application Overview (video)

Getting Started with Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone Features

Zoom Phone "How-To"

Zoom Phone Reference Guide

Zoom Phone Learning Center and "How-To" Videos

Reference Guides

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Need more help?

Contact the Technology Service Desk at servicedesk@pugetsound.edu or 253.879.8585.