Web browsers store downloaded content from webpages you visit in order to expedite access to sites by loading data from the cache instead of directly downloading it. Periodically clearing the browser's cache and cookies can improve the browser's performance. With web applications like PeopleSoft, it is extremely useful to clear the cache when your access changes or there is a significant system update or refresh. This will allow PeopleSoft to get the latest settings from the database. To clear the cache, please find the instructions below for the browser you use.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox ESR
Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge

Chrome (Mac & Windows)

1. Launch Chrome and click on the Menu (icon with three dots in the upper-right corner)

2. Click Settings

3. Scroll down and click Advanced

4. At the bottom of the Privacy and Security section, click Clear browsing data.


5. Select All time from the Time range dropdown

6. Check the box for Cookies and other site data

7. Check the box for Cached images and files

8. Click Clear Data

Firefox ESR (Mac & Windows)

1. Launch Firefox and click History (near the top left)

2. Click Clear Recent History...

3. Select Everything from the dropdown for Time range to clear

4. Click the arrow next to Details to expand the menu

5. Check the boxes for Cookies and Cache

6. Click Clear Now

Internet Explorer 11 (Windows)

1. Launch Internet Explorer and click Tools

2. Click Delete browsing history...

3. Uncheck the box next to Preserve Favorites website data

4. Check the box for Temporary Internet files and website files

5. Check the box for Cookies and website data

6. Click Delete

Edge (Windows)

1. Launch Edge

2. Click on the Menu (icon with three dots in upper-right corner)

3. Scroll down to the Clear browsing data section

4. Click Choose what to clear

5. Check the box for Cookies and saved website data

6. Check the box for Cached data and files

7. Click Clear

Safari (Mac)

1. Launch Safari

2. Click Safari in the top left

3. Click Preferences

4. Click the Privacy tab

5. Click Manage Website Data...

6. Click Remove All

7. Click Remove Now

8. Click Done