Media Services serves the Puget Sound community through: classroom support and training, event support, equipment checkout, and A/V project support.

We are located in the lower level of Collins Memorial Library in LI-066.

Classroom Support

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact us at: 253.879.3963 or Please be prepared to describe the issue in detail and include accurate location information.

Media Services offers classroom support across campus. Classroom support includes on-site troubleshooting, training on classroom technology, and repairs in the event of classroom equipment failure. Please check the Classroom Technology page for more information regarding the equipment and capabilities of supported rooms on campus.


Event Support

Media Services provides support for live events on campus. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up public address and projection systems
  • Recording or streaming your event (live or virtual)
  • Providing technical support and training for use of event spaces
  • Providing video conferencing support
  • Coordinating and arranging external vendors for large events as necessary

For Fieldhouse Events that involve complex media systems, we strongly encourage clients to give notice and begin planning with our team 3 months ahead, and if you anticipate working with vendors, within 4-6 months of your event.


Checkout Equipment

Media Services provides checkout equipment for students, faculty, and staff. Most items are available for reservation by phone, email, or in person at the Media Support desk. To view available resources, visit our Checkout Equipment page. 


MEDIAL: Video Storage

MEDIAL, our digital video storage and distribution, system, allows Faculty to browse a catalogue of digitized films, and easily embed these videos into their Canvas pages. For instructions on how to access this catalogue from within Canvas, please visit our Knowledge Base article entitled Using the MEDIAL Application. For more information on streaming videos, visit Collins Library’s guide to streaming media

Due to storage constraints, content cannot be hosted indefinitely. Media Services and the Library reserve the right to inventory, archive, and delete content hosted on this server, adhering to the following policies:

  • Media Services will conduct an annual review of the content hosted on our server. 
  • As a part of that review, any media not viewed in the last four years will be archived, making it inaccessible. 
  • Faculty who find that necessary media is inaccessible due to archiving should email or file a KACE ticket from Okta, asking for the media to be returned to the server. 
  • If we do not receive notice that archived media is still required, it will be deleted one year after being archived.

We are excited to offer faculty the ability to browse through the library of previously digitizied films and add them to Canvas without needing to manage embed codes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call x8585, email, or file a KACE ticket from Okta.


Audio and Video Project Support

Media Services offers support for a variety of audio and video projects, including:

  • Audio or video recording of requested events
  • Audio and video editing services
  • Training sessions and consultation on audio and video setup, recording, and editing


For more information about media projects, visit the Project Support page. To request a project, please contact

Questions about copyright and media projects? Visit


Audio Studio

The Audio Studio is a recording studio located at the bottom of the Library, LI-016. It features a variety of audio and screen capture software, including Pro Tools, Camtastia, Luna, etc. For more information and reservations please visit our Audio Studio page.