The university provides 4 GB of network drive storage for all students to use as an alternative backup means for saving academic documents and files. You can access the network share from any lab computer on campus or from your personal computer.

Instructions on How to Map a Network Share

To successfully access network shares on your personal computer, you will need to be connected to the main campus network: PS-CampusAccess. If you are trying to connect from an off-campus location, you can utilize:

  1. vDesk ( to gain access to the network to map to a network share
  2. GlobalProtect virtual private network (VPN) which will connect your device to the campus network

Remember - you can also use Google Drive which is accessible from your Okta dashboard at For more information on the suite of tools available using the university's Google Workspace, visit this page for short instructional videos on using Google Drive, Docs, Forms, Hangouts, Slides, and more!


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