This policy applies to all University of Puget Sound network, workstations, and server systems.

Puget Sound Account
The university provides an individually assigned User ID for use on most University of Puget Sound technology systems. It provides access to e-mail, network resources, remote access, Web-based services, and other electronic resources. There is no charge for a Puget Sound account for eligible individuals (see below for eligibility criteria). Puget Sound accounts are assigned by the Office of the Provost, Human Resources, or the Office of the Registrar depending upon the role of the user.
The following individuals are eligible for a Puget Sound Account:

  • Full and part-time Puget Sound faculty and staff
  • Currently enrolled students
  • Temporary workers while working at Puget Sound (at the discretion of the department head)
  • Employees on official sabbaticals or leaves of absence
  • Faculty Emeriti


  1. All eligible individuals are assigned a Puget Sound account username based on their preferred full name as officially documented with the university. This username may be changed on request but must still meet these defined guidelines.
  2. Access to electronic systems is a privilege which comes with responsibility to protect those systems. Users are responsible for the use of their account access. Users should never disclose their account credentials under any circumstances. Users should take all reasonable precautions, including but not limited to password changes and other file protection measures to prevent unauthorized use of the systems and software accessible by means of your account credentials.

Staff or faculty members who need to use a generic or shared User IDs must get approval from the Information Security Manager, Deputy Chief Information Officer, or Chief Information Officer. All generic or shared User IDs are audited and controlled by the Information Security Manager. Students are not permitted to use generic or shared User IDs.


The following outlines the process for deactivating those people no longer eligible for a Puget Sound or Sponsored Account.

  1. Staff - Unless an explicit exemption is granted with approval from both the responsible President’s Cabinet Member and the Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Staff accounts are deactivated immediately upon the staff member’s effective departure.
  2. Faculty - Faculty accounts are deactivated 180 days following their departure. Exceptions are made only on a case-by-case basis and with approvals from both the Provost and the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.
  3. Students:

Graduating – A student’s Puget Sound Account will generally remain active for 180 days after the date of separation from the university. Students will have access to PeopleSoft for up to one year following the date of separation from the university. Graduating students will generally be given at least one month of notice before deactivation.

Non-returning – Students who transfer, withdraw, or otherwise do not return to the university will have their Puget Sound accounts deactivated 180 days after the date of separation.


Account Types

Temporary, Administrative, or Sponsored
The university provides a User ID to an individual not otherwise eligible for a Puget Sound Account. A user with an administrative or sponsored account is provided some of the same access as a regular Puget Sound account, but must be sponsored by a department.

The university provides temporary restricted internet access to participants in conferences or events on campus. Conference and event organizers may request such accounts by contacting the Technology Service Desk. Please indicate the specific need for the guest account(s). Conference and event organizers must accept full responsibility for all activities that occur with any guest accounts they request.

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff are given network resources required to fulfill their job duties. This can include but is not limited to – file shares, printer and scanner access, email, and access to specific servers.

Currently enrolled students are given the network resources required for their academic career while attending the university. This can include but is not limited to – file shares, printer and scanner access, email, and access to specific servers. Students on an approved leave of absence will retain access to most resources.

Student Employee
Currently enrolled students who are also employed at the university are given the same access of a student as well as any additional resources required for their successful employment at the university.

Student accounts are migrated to Alumni account after graduation. Alumni accounts are eligible for certain electronic rights and access available through the Office of Alumni Relations. These electronic rights can include but are not limited to Alumni email and access to an Alumni portal.