Regester Past Lectures

2016–Roger Allen, physical therapy
"Echoes of Pain in the Neuromatrix"

2015–Steven Neshyba, chemistry
"Ice Science in a Changing Climate"

2014–Leon Grunberg, professor of sociology and anthropology, and Sarah Moore, professor of psychology
"Say Goodbye to All That: Emerging From Turbulence at Boeing"

2013-Andy Rex, physics
Life, Liberty, and Thermodynamics

2012–George S. Tomlin, occupational therapy
Evidence, Knowledge, and Decision-Making in Occupational Therapy: It's Not Rocket Science . . .Or is it?

2011–Nancy Bristow, history and African American studies
"They're Taking These Scars Away": Memory, Race, and the Violence of May 1970

2010–David Lupher, classics
Pagens and Pilgrims: “Beastly Practices of Mad Bacchanalians” in Early New England

2009–Suzanne Holland, religion
Technologies of Desire “Give Me Children or I Shall Die!”

2008–David Tinsley, German
Reading the Minds of the Middle Ages: Alterity and the Study of Medieval Mentalities

2007–D. Wade Hands, economics
The Future of Economics?

2006–A. Susan Owen, communication studies
White Benevolence and Cultural Amnesia: Allegories of Race Politics in American Popular Cinema

2005–Mott T. Greene, history
Doing Science When the Noise is the Signal: The Curious Case of Computer Climate Models

2004–Doug Edwards, religion
Cana and the Fifth Gospel: Jesus, Jews, and Christian Memory

 2003–Rob Beezer, mathematics and computer science
Advice for Map Makers, Traveling Salesmen, and Party Planners

 2002–Helen (Ili) Nagy, art
Paris, Menelaos and Helen: Reflections of the Saga in Etruscan Mirrors

 2001–Geoff Proehl, communication and theatre arts

2000–James Evans, physics

1999–Geoffrey Block, music

1998–Denise L. Despres, English

1997–William Breitenbach, history

1995–Alan S. Thorndike, physics

1993–George M. Guilmet, comparative sociology

1991–Michael Veseth, economics

1989–Kenneth Rousslang, chemistry

1987–Terry A. Cooney, history

1985–Beverly K. Pierson, biology

1983–Douglas M. Branson, law

1981–Michael J. Curley, English

1980–Esperanza Gurza, foreign languages

1979–Francis L. Cousens, English

1978–Delmar N. Langbauer, religion

1977–Jeffrey S. Bland, chemistry

1976–Esther B. Wagner, English

1975–Richard E. Hodges, education

1974–Theodore L. Harris, education

1973–Z. Frank Danes, physics

1972–Frank N. Peterson, sociology

1971–Robert G. Albertson, religion

1970–John W. Prins, business

1969–Leroy Ostransky, music

1968–Gordon D. Alcorn, biology

1967–John D. Regester, philosophy

1966–Harold P. Simonson, English

1965–John B. Magee, religion