One website. Many content management system users. Thousands of site visitors. Let's work together to keep the website useful and interesting and maintain the integrity of our site!

Contact the Web Manager about:

  • Websites within the CMS.
  • New websites that you need to create.
  • The software you want to integrate with the website (Web Manager will coordinate with TS).
  • Problems accessing the CMS.
  • Broken links you can't fix.
  • Problems with publishing.
  • Errors in the CMS.
  • Questions on using the CMS that aren't answered in the Website Guide Resources section.
  • Requesting publication URLs (such as
  • Web forms and MachForm training.
  • Creating university-hosted blogs.
  • CMS training.
  • Deleting files on the website.
  • Initiating a billable project to customize the templates for your department.
  • Errors on the website.
  • Formatting issues.
  • Questions about what formatting and designs are possible in our current system.

Contact the Technology Service Desk about:

  • Websites outside the CMS.
  • Faculty members wishing to convert old HTML websites to CMS-based sites (Educational Technology).
  • Faculty members wishing to create new CMS-based websites (Educational Technology).
  • Selecting blogging, wiki, or other Web technologies.