Welcome! We hope this page answers some of your basic questions about using technology in your teaching, digital scholarship and research efforts here at Puget Sound. We look forward to working with you!

Learning Management Software
Canvas is our current Learning Management Software. For information, instructions and assistance setting-up your courses or to schedule an individual, group, department or class training and learn more about the many pedagogical uses of Canvas, please contact Educational Technology at 253.879.3259.

Gradebook Software
University of Puget Sound does not use a standard gradebook software. Canvas provides users with a gradebook feature, but it does not connect to the official grade submission via MyPugetSound. For questions about how to submit grades in MyPugetSound, please contact the Registrar.

Software for Your University-Owned Computer
Technology Services provides anti-virus software and Microsoft Office to faculty for work-use on university-owned computers. To obtain a copy of this software, please contact the Service Desk at 253.879.8585.

Faculty Web Pages
The official Puget Sound website is managed with a Content Management System (CMS). Office of Communications staff can help you create and/or modify a faculty website using the CMS.

Electronic Classrooms
Puget Sound has over 100 electronically enhanced classrooms and learning spaces equipped with a built-in data projector. Each E-Classroom has the ability to project a computer; some have PCs in the room and some have laptop connections. Many have DVD players, sound systems, or other electronic equipment in them as well. See the E-Classroom section with individual pages containing details of each room, including pictures and detailed room specifications.

Media Equipment and Delivery
Faculty can call, in advance, and reserve media equipment to be delivered to their classroom. If you need DVD players, video cameras or other media equipment for a room or project, you can contact Media Services at: 253.879.3963 to reserve it (all equipment subject to availability).

Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
Faculty may also consult with an Educational Technologist to arrange class trainings on the use of various software or media equipment and further develop plans for implementing the use of technology into their course content. To schedule a meeting or learn more about available services, equipment, and best practices, contact your Educational Technologist or call 253.879.3259.

Media Collections, Production, Conversion and Streaming Video
Digital Media Services staff can do conversions of audio and video media formats for any curricular materials, including audio CD and DVD to digital format transfer. We also have a streaming media server for the streaming of audio and video files into Canvas. The Digital Collections server contains extensive image collections. For assistance, please contact Media Services at 253.879.3963.

Purchasing Software
Educational Technology provides certain enterprise-wide academic software, such as SPSS, and Mathematica. Software for individual faculty use and for electronic classroom and lab use is paid for by the academic department, by the Dean's office, or through individual faculty allotments. For details on your department's procedures contact your department administrative assistant or the Service Desk.

Getting Logged In