vDesk (Virtual Desktop) Information

Puget Sound’s vDesk provides anytime, anywhere access to a wide range of software and tools, including Microsoft Office and discipline-specific applications such as Mathematica and SPSS. Faculty, staff, and students can now access vDesk from Windows or Mac computer as well as iOS , Android Smartphones and tablets. This version of vDesk looks exactly like Windows 10 Desktop. 

You can choose to install the VMware client which will remain installed on your device(s), or use the HTML method which will not remain installed on your device(s). The following are instructions for installing the full client, and for using the HTML method.

VMware Full Client Installation Instructions
1. From any web browser, navigate to https://vdesk.pugetsound.edu

2. Click on the Install VMware Horizon Client link to begin the install.


3. Download the Horizon Client file. Do not download the Client for Windows 10 UWP.

4. Run the file, complete the setup instructions, and restart your computer.

5. Search Start Menu for the VMware Horizon icon to log into vDesk.

6. Click + to add server.

7.  Enter the name of the Connection Server as: vdesk.pugetsound.edu

8.  Log in with your Puget Sound credentials, and wait for Windows to create your profile.

9.  Start using vDesk!



VMware Horizon HTML Access Instructions

1.  From any web browser, navigate to https://vdesk.pugetsound.edu

2.  Login with your credentials.

3.  Click on the Student/Faculty Desktop icon.

4. Wait for your profile to be created.

5.  Start using vDesk!


For further assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk by phone at 253.879.8585, by email at servicedesk@pugetsound.edu, or by visiting the Tech Center in the basement of Collins Memorial Library.