Emma is a senior with a passion for Middle Eastern politics. She spent her summer learning about conflict resolution at a mediation center in Tacoma. Now she hopes to influence public policy to create positive change on a global scale.

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An Update from Emma: Four years has gone by so quickly; I can’t believe graduation has come and gone! I’m excited to be staying in Tacoma for, at least, the next year and I just signed a lease on an apartment on Hilltop. I’ll be working full-time at a retailer downtown and also participating in an online language immersion program where I will be able to hone my Arabic language skills with a native speaker.

I’ve also been really involved with the arts community both on campus and in the wider Tacoma community. I’ve helped plan the 12th annual Alder Arts Walk and the Flea Market (music and arts) at the store where I work.

I’ve been fortunate to make connections with alumni like Joel Hefty '86 who works in international banking and finance and is also chair of the Alumni Fund. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and talk with someone who currently works in the international arena.

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