Greater, We Ascend: The Campaign for University of Puget Sound

Each year, Puget Sound proudly welcomes hundreds of eager learners who are motivated to discover, collaborate, create, and do. Our students, faculty, and staff hail from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences, but we strive to achieve even greater diversity within our campus community, and to foster an inclusive environment where our students can grow, learn, and lead.

Promoting diverse backgrounds and viewpoints on campus will catalyze the honest, open-minded dialogue necessary for greater empathy, engagement, and social change. Through programs like Sound Policy Institute and Freedom Education Project Puget Sound, our faculty and students use their expertise to benefit our region by helping build capacity for environmental decision-making and by creating a pathway to higher education for individuals who are incarcerated.

Changing our nation’s discourse on race begins in the classroom. The Race & Pedagogy Institute (RPI) is a campus and community collaboration focused on educating students and teachers at all levels to think critically about race and act to eliminate racism. The initiative engages students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners to host a national conference on race and education, as well as regional summits, panel discussions, and other activities.

With your support, Puget Sound seeks to increase affordability and access to our vibrant campus for all, so that not only our community but our neighbors locally and globally may benefit in turn.