Joel Hefty

Dear Alumni Fund Donors,

It is my honor and pleasure to write with thanks for your support of the Alumni Fund.

As participants in the Alumni Fund, we join previous generations of alumni and alumnae whose foresight and generosity enabled the strengthening of our university and the education of new cohorts of students. Previous generations of Loggers made a difference for us.

Donations to the Alumni Fund provide immediate benefit through scholarships, academic programs, student life, faculty support, and campus enrichment. During the 2017-18 academic year, our donations to the Alumni Fund totaled $1.67 million, including $500,000 designated for scholarships. Now we make a difference in the lives of current Puget Sound students.

I always smile with pride when I see the University of Puget Sound or its students/graduates being recognized for their achievements. As graduates and as donors there is great reward in being part of Puget Sound’s history as well as its continuing success.

Thank you very much for your generous support.

Always a Logger,

Joel Hefty, Class of ’86
Chair, Puget Sound Alumni Fund 


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