Greater, We Ascend: The Campaign for University of Puget Sound

Campaign Steering Committee Structure and Mission

The Campaign Steering Committee is comprised of selected members of the Board of Trustees, including the president of the university, and other key alumni, parents, and friends.  The committee’s primary mission is to determine the overall strategic direction of the campaign and to oversee the campaign’s execution.  The steering committee reports to the Development and Alumni Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees and acts as a standing committee during the campaign period.  It may meet jointly with, or independently of, the Development and Alumni Relations Committee depending on the requirements of its agenda.  The steering committee will be supported in its work by the vice president for university relations and the university relations management team.

Campaign Steering Committee

Erin E. Shagren ’88, Campaign Co-Chair
William T. Weyerhaeuser, Campaign Co-Chair

Isiaah Crawford, president
Robert C. Pohlad P’07, Chair, Board of Trustees
Beth M. Picardo ’83, Chair-Elect, Board of Trustees

Gwendolyn H. Lillis P’05, Vice Chair, Campaign Pillar Two: An Accessible Education
Jeremy L. Korst ’97, Vice Chair, Campaign Pillar Three: A Lifetime of Education
David J. Watson ’92, Vice Chair, Puget Sound Fund; Chair, DARC    
Sunshine A. Morrison ’94, Vice Chair, Campaign Marketing and Communications

William M. Canfield ’76
Kathleen M. Duncan ’82
Sumner P. Erdman ’87    
Lyle Quasim ’70    
Theodore R. Meriam ’05, Alumni Council President, Ex Officio
To Be Appointed, Alumni Council Vice President for Communications, Ex Officio
Elise M. Richman, Faculty Senate Chair, Ex Officio