Policy Governing Student Fundraising Activity

The following principles, policies and procedures govern all student fundraising activities at the University of Puget Sound, replacing previous memoranda on this topic.

  1. The purposes of this policy are to:
    • Guide Puget Sound student organizations in planning their fundraising activities for the benefit of the campus community, and
    • Shield the university’s students, parents, alumni, donors, faculty and staff from solicitation by non-University of Puget Sound organizations whose fundraising activities would affect the campus environment.
  2. The university does not permit fundraising by outside organizations on its campus. In general, charitable organizations other than the university itself may not use campus facilities in order to solicit gifts. Explicitly exempted from these guidelines is the annual United Way solicitation of staff and faculty. In rare instances, other exemptions to this policy may be made by appropriate university personnel. Outside organizations may use our facilities in accord with external use guidelines, but not to raise funds.
  3. Student organizations are permitted to conduct infrequent collection of food, clothing or change for charities; make requests for donated labor; and hold activities like bake sales that by and large do not solicit significant cash gifts.
  4. These student fundraising activities are only permitted in the Wheelock Student Center and at athletic events. WSC use requires prior approval from the Director of Student Union & Programs, and is subject to WSC facilities use policies. Fundraising at athletic events requires prior approval of the Director of Athletics or designee as well as an Associate Dean of Students or the Director of Student Union & Programs.
  5. Off-campus door-to-door and telemarketing type fundraising activities are not permitted.
  6. Student organization solicitation of off-campus businesses is permitted on a limited basis subject to the approval of the appropriate university personnel. An advance list of businesses to be solicited may be required.
  7. University of Puget Sound student groups may not raise funds at or in conjunction with major public campus events such as Reading Period, Orientation, LogJam, Homecoming or Reunion, Fall and Spring Family Weekends, and Commencement.
  8. Students may raise funds from individuals only. University departments are not able to make charitable contributions with university funds or budget transfers.

To initiate a fundraising event, email ASUPS@pugetsound.edu to discuss the fundraiser, review necessary approval requirements, obtain packet of informational materials and instructions on how to complete the form and obtain all necessary approvals.

Address questions about these policies and procedures to the Dean of Students Office - 253.879.3360 or DOS@pugetsound.edu

Initiated 03/1998; rev. 08/2019