In the interest of maintaining a productive and non-coercive educational and work environment, the university does not permit unauthorized persons to promote or sell merchandise or services door-to-door on campus or in campus buildings or residential areas, nor to solicit, distribute information to, or recruit its students or university personnel for any purpose whatsoever.

Non-university Groups and Individuals

Any non-university group or individual wishing to distribute literature or printed materials of any kind, sell or solicit others to purchase memberships, merchandise, or services, or recruit on-campus must be specifically authorized to do so. Such use will normally be limited to the Wheelock Student Center and arranged through Student Services' Assistant Director (see Department of Student Service Policies and Procedures and Wheelock Student Center Reservations and Scheduling). Additional requirements include a valid business license and sales tax permit if the law normally requires a license and/or permit for the purpose in question. This policy will universally apply to off-campus entities desiring the use of campus facilities. All relevant campus-wide policies (e.g., equal opportunity, sexual harassment, smoking) apply to off-campus entities authorized to distribute, sell, solicit or recruit on campus.

University Groups and Individuals

During work time, university personnel and students may not distribute literature or printed materials to university personnel, sell merchandise to university personnel, solicit financial contributions from university personnel unless the activity is specifically authorized by the division vice president (for staff), the Academic Vice President (for faculty) or the Vice President for Student Affairs (for students) and/or directly related to university business. Such activities are to be limited to non-work areas. Additionally, such activities are limited to break periods (rest and lunch periods) for staff. The solicitation should be limited to making printed material available and answering questions of interested persons.

University personnel may not solicit students or other university personnel using the university’s e-mail, telephone, or voice mail systems. Printed solicitation materials from university personnel or their family members unrelated to university business are not sent through campus mail. The university provides an “Unclassified” column in its faculty/staff newsletter. Any communication regarding products, services, etc., should be limited to this column.

Students and university personnel may not provide other students’, faculty members,’ or staff members’ campus, e-mail, or personal address information to third parties unless specifically authorized and directly related to university business. The University of Puget Sound Telephone Directory is provided to students, faculty members, and staff members for personal or University use only.

Sanctions for Policy Violations

Determination of violations of this policy and sanctions for any violations will be handled through the procedures provided in the Faculty Code, the Staff Policies and Procedures Manual, or the Student Integrity Code, depending on whether the person charged with a breach of the policy is a member of the faculty, staff, or student body, respectively.

Origination Date: 8/2002