Housing Selection 2017

Housing Selection 2017

Living on campus 2017-2018? We have many great options for you to consider! As a continuing student, you have your pick of housing for next year. Be sure to complete the Continuing Student Housing Application in myPugetSound (available Dec. 1) to indicate your interest in housing for next year.

Housing Selection for Continuing Students

Housing Selection is a process for continuing students to select their housing for the upcoming year. Students who are interested in living on campus should start planning now by reviewing the various housing options Puget Sound has to offer. 


More Information About Housing Selection


Important Dates (Spring 2017)

Spring 2018 will be updated Fall of 2017

  • January 27: Homesteading and Theme Program applications due (available Dec. 1)
  • February 15: Self-service opens for all rising seniors
  • February 16: Self-service opens for all rising juniors
  • March 6-10: Group applications available for rising sophomores
  • March 20: Self-service opens for all rising sophomores


Housing Options

Several housing options are available for students to consider, with five primary ways to secure a space on campus. 

  1. By Homestead: Rising juniors and seniors are able to apply to live in their exact same housing next year. Students applying to homestead may request to pull in any current student to their house or Trimble suite. Complete the Housing Application for Continuing Students (emailed in December) by January 27. 
  2. By Theme Program: Select suites in Thomas Hall and select campus houses are designated theme houses. Each program is unique, and students interested in a theme program should complete the Housing Application for Continuing Students (emailed in December) by January 27.
  3. By Going Greek: Students living in a Fraternity or Sorority should contact their Greek House Coordinator (GHC) to secure a space in a Greek House. Space is limited!
  4. By Group Process: Rising sophomores are able to apply as a group for an unaffiliated campus house or Trimble suite. Group applications will be available online March 6-10. 
  5. By Self-Service: Students who have not received an assignment through one of the first three methods will be able to select their own individual room for next year using myPugetSound.

Read more about the housing types we have available for continuing students

The following flowchart showcases the different processes for securing housing based on location, theme, or class standing: 

Housing Selection Flowchart

The Housing Contract

The housing contract is electronic and must be accessed through myPugetSound to formally accept and complete. The housing contract and all terms and conditions set forth are binding for the entire academic year upon selecting a housing assignment. This contract applies to all student residents of university-owned facilities. 

Students will need to electronically sign their housing contract prior to selecting housing. Self service (picking a specific housing assignment) will not be available for students who have not already agreed to the terms set forth by the housing contract. The housing contract is void until a housing assignment is made. Students must choose a housing assignment to complete their housing contract. Once a student confirms their housing assignment selection in myPugetSound, their contract is binding for the full academic year. 


The Housing Application for Continuing Students

The Housing Application for Continuing Students is sent to all eligible students to indicate their interest in living on campus for the subsequent academic year. The application is required to apply to homestead your current housing location, and is highly encouraged if applying for a theme program. The Housing Application for Continuing Students is non-binding, and mostly used to assist Residence Life in preparing for the subsequent year.



Homesteading refers to the process of selecting the same housing assignment for the subsequent year. Current first-years are not able to homestead in a first-year building. Someone homesteading may request to “pull-in” up to 5 people to their campus house or suite. In Thomas Hall, homesteading is only available in unaffiliated flats and for individuals (no pull ins). To apply to homestead, complete the Housing Application for Continuing Students (emailed in December) by January 27. 


Sophomore Group Registration

If applying for housing as a group of rising sophomores, each group will need to select one individual to apply on behalf of the group. The group coordinator will be asked to select specific suites and/or houses the group is interested in living in for the following year. For details regarding the number of single and/or double rooms in each house, please visit the campus houses web page

Groups applications will be reviewed by Residence Life and selected for a specific location that meets the needs of that group. Housing is co-ed by room, and unless specifically requested and approved by Residence Life, students assigned to a double room must be of the same gender. Students interested in a single-gender living community (i.e. suite or house) may indicate this preference on their group housing application. 

Residence Life is only able to support and sponsor a limited number of rising sophomores for group registration before housing inventory is opened up to all students. The group process can be competitive and is not guaranteed. 

Group applications will be available starting Monday, March 6th at 12pm (noon).  Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis and close Friday, March 10th at 5pm

Self Service 

Self Service refers to the process of self-selecting a housing assignment and meal plan for next year. Rising juniors and seniors who have completed their housing contract at least 12 hours in advance will have access via myPugetSound to housing self-service starting February 15th at 9am (rising seniors) and February 16th at 9am (rising juniors). Students will be able to see what housing is available, potential roommates/housemates/suitemates, and select a specific housing assignment such as "Trimble 125A" and meal plan for the upcoming year (Please note: meal plan costs will be updated in March). Availability of options will be updated in real time. Once a selection is made, a confirmation screen will appear asking if the user is sure they want to submit their selection. Once a confirmation is made, the housing contract is binding for the full academic year. The self-service window will close on March 24th at 9am

Rising sophomores who are not living in a themed area, Greek house, or are not members of an approved group will be randomly assigned a self service housing selection time between March 20-25. Several rooms will be available for sophomores using self-service to choose from, including rooms in RCC houses and suites, and all remaining openings in Residence Halls not filled by rising juniors and seniors. 

Read our step-by-step guide to self-service for more information. 


Theme Options

Residence Life has several residential theme programs comprised in two program communities: Thomas Hall and the on-campus houses. Thomas Hall includes the Michel Rocchi International District, the Honors/Humanities flats, and the Environmental and Outdoor Leadership flat. To read more about these flats, please visit the Thomas Hall web page. There are eleven theme houses for 2017-2018. 

Residence Life sponsors a limited number of Theme Houses that have an on-going relationship with the University under the advisement of a faculty or staff advisor. To apply for a theme program, complete the Housing Application for Continuing Students (emailed in December) by January 27. The Theme Houses expected for 2017-2018 include:

Mike Orechia, Athletics

Justin Canny, Student Activities

Mikiko S. Ludden, Japanese Language & Culture

Dan Sherman, Politics & Government

George Erving, Honors & Humanities Program


Justin Lunt, Athletics