New Candidate Process

New candidates are students applying for a Residence Life position who are not currently on the Residence Life team and have never been a Resident Advisor, Resident Community Coordinator, Resident Programming Assistant, or Greek House Coordinator. 

[The information below was for 2021-2022 applications and may be out of date. If you are looking for Alternate Applications, please go here.]


Thank you for your interest in applying for a position on the Residence Life Student Staff team at the University of Puget Sound. Staff Selection is an extensive and thorough process; applications will be reviewed to assure that everyone continuing through the selection process meets the minimum qualifications.  Final offers for Residence Life will be sent via email. Before applying, please review the Position Description in detail. To be considered, you must complete the New Candidate Application


  • Review the Position Description in detail!
  • Review the Dates to Remember to ensure you can commit 
  • Submit completed New Candidate Application online by 11:59pm on Saturday, February 22, 2021.
  • Group Process: Group Process consists of you and other applicants participating in activities that simulate what it might be like to be a student leader in residence life. You will be able to gain an understanding of the position better, as well as observe important values of residence life. Each exercise will be facilitated by a professional staff member and current student leader. The group process is a one-and-a-half-hour group session held on Sunday, March 2, Tuesday, March 4, or Thursday, March 5 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. You will receive your interview time, date and location after all applications have been received.  
  • Individual Interviews: Individual interviews will be thirty minutes long, held on between March 8 and March 26. This interview will be conducted by two team members of Residence Life. You will sign up for your interview time at Group Process.
  • Prepare your personal expression project to bring with you and share during your individual interview. (Instructions are included below).
  • Final decisions will be made by Thursday, April 2, 2021 and sent via email.

personal expression project

The personal expression project is an opportunity for you to showcase something unique and authentic about yourself. Bring an object to your individual interview, share it with us, and talk us through how it relates to you. As a residence life student leader, a critical component of success is being able to be yourself and connect with a diverse group of students. How does your personal expression project represent expression of yourself, your history, your interest in the position, and/or your experience living on campus? This is an opportunity for you to be yourself, share how you are a strong candidate, and demonstrate your ability to connect with others.   

Not sure what to do? Talk to your current Res Life team member for support, or email Megan FinCannon, Associate Director of Residence Life, at

Important Dates to remember

February 22             Applications Due by 11:59pm

January 28              Information Session, 5-6pm, virtually via Zoom

February 9               Information Session, 6-7pm, virtually via Zoom

February 15             Q&A, 12:30pm, Virtually via Zoom

March 2, 4, or 5      Group Process (5:30-7pm) you will attend only one

March 8-26              Individual Interviews; exact dates and times TBD

April 2                      Final Decisions decision letters sent out via email

Tips on Submitting a Well-Prepared Application

  • Talk to current staff about their experience before preparing your application.
  • Make sure you allow enough time to complete all questions and prepare your resume! 
  • Be sure to submit your application on time! 
  • Utilize CES's Resume and Cover Letter Guide for pointers.
  • Attend one or more of the Residence Info and Q&A Sessions.