The University of Puget Sound, as a residential liberal arts college, affirms the educational benefits inherent in this kind of undergraduate experience. The on-campus residential experience enhances student learning, in and out of the classroom, and student success. Being a part of a community of scholars is also reinforced by living in campus housing. Because of this, Puget Sound requires all students to live on-campus for their first two academic years with the university. Significant numbers of students choose to continue living on campus through graduation to reap the benefits of a residential liberal arts experience fully. These terms and conditions are binding for the entire academic year once a student has a specific housing assignment. This contract applies to all student residents of university-owned facilities.

Enrollment: Residents of university housing must be enrolled students attending classes with a minimum enrollment of 2.0 units per semester. Residents who fall below the 2.0 unit requirement must request special permission from Residence Life to remain in a university-owned facility to avoid this contract.

Meal Plans: Students who live in the Residence Halls, Union Avenue housing, and Langlow House must purchase a meal plan each semester. Students living in residential houses may choose to purchase a meal plan voluntarily.

Requests for Residential Policy Exemption & Housing Contract Appeals
Appeals to be released from the residential requirement or cancel a housing contract must be submitted to the Residence Life office via the On-Campus Housing Contract Appeal form.

Exceptions to the residential 2-year life on requirement are made for:

  • married students
  • students with children
  • students who are at least 23 years old
  • dependents of Puget Sound faculty and staff

On rare occasions, an exemption from the residential requirement or cancellation of a housing contract may be permitted outside of the above list of exceptions. Student Affairs, Student Financial Services will review housing appeals, and Disabilities Services staff as appropriate based on financial hardship documented personal medical/health-related need or other demonstrated extenuating circumstances.

Financial hardship is defined as a situation in which a student’s financial circumstances are so severe that they jeopardize the student’s ability to enroll or continue enrollment at Puget Sound. Financial hardship is not simply a justification that off-campus housing arrangements could lessen living expenses. Financial Hardship appeals require that a completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) be on file with Student Financial Services.

Residents who check out prior to the end of the contract period and whose housing contract appeal has not been approved will be held responsible for the full remaining room cost of the contract.

Opening & Closing: University housing opens for residents on the date and time designated for each term in the Bulletin. Any requests for exception to this policy must be directed to and approved by the Residence Life office.

Winter Break: All university housing facilities are closed for the winter break period. Access to Dining Services and Counseling, Health and Wellness Services will not be provided during that time. The university is closed completely during a portion of the break.

Refund Policy: The refund policy for students who completely withdraw from the university is as follows:

  1. If a student completely withdraws by the 10th day of the semester, the student will be refunded 100% of the semester room fees but will be charged a $500 housing cancellation fee.
  2. Board charges for the semester are refundable on a pro-rated basis, depending on the number of remaining meal points on the plan and the number of weeks left in the semester.
  3. Room charges for the semester are non-refundable on the 11th day of class.

Student Integrity Code: University residents are governed by the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Integrity Code, the Residence Policy, and all other policies established by the university. Residents are required to comply with all local, state, and federal laws. If a Puget Sound student is sanctioned with removal or eviction from any university residence, room and board fees will be forfeited.

Damage Charges: Community/Public Area damage charges (i.e., kitchens, hallways, lounges) will be divided equally among all members of the hall/house community unless the university can determine individual(s) responsibility. All charges will be assessed directly to the student’s account and will not be deducted from the Residence Life housing deposit.

Consolidation: The Residence Life Department reserves the right to reassign students to make the most effective use of available accommodations and promote a safe and healthy environment for the community or individual residents. If necessary, rooms not at full capacity may be consolidated.

Updated March 2017