The deadline for housing appeals for the 2020-2021 academic year is August 30. The deadline for spring 2021 appeals is December 1. Appeals will only be considered for current Puget Sound students and incoming students who have made their $500 advanced tuition deposit.

The University of Puget Sound is a residential liberal arts college and is committed to an educational mission that supports learning in and out of the classroom. Campus housing is an integral part of this academic experience and enhances student success and learning. Rare exceptions to the residential two-year requirement are requested in the following manner.

Appeals to be exempted from the residential requirement or the housing contract must be submitted to the Residence Life office. Student Affairs will review housing appeals and Student Financial Services staff based on financial hardship, documented personal medical/health-related needs, or other demonstrated extenuating circumstances.

To be considered for financial hardship, a student must demonstrate that their financial circumstances are so severe as to jeopardize their ability to enroll or to continue enrollment at Puget Sound. This type of hardship would typically present itself as an extraordinarily high level of unmet financial need (beyond the Expected Family Contribution) or significantly greater than the average student or parent loan borrowing to cover unmet needs.

Residents who check out of housing before the end of the contract period and whose housing contract appeal has not been approved will be held responsible for the contract's full remaining room cost.

To be eligible to complete a housing contract appeal, the student must be an admitted student who has made their tuition deposit for the semester. Appeals received from incoming students who have not yet deposited or confirmed they are attending Puget Sound will not be considered.

Res Life On-Campus Housing Contract Appeal

Res Life On-Campus Housing Contract Appeal

Please note housing appeals will only be considered for currently deposited or enrolled students and will not be reviewed for admitted only students.

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  • Complete the questions below. The information provided will remain confidential.

    This form can be used for two types of appeals:
    Live on requirement appeals refer to appeals to the university's live on the requirement and are applicable for students who do not have a housing assignment yet for the term of their appeal.

    Contract appeals refer to the housing contract's appeals, which is binding for the full year once complete. In contract appeals, the appeals committee reviews how a student's condition has changed since the time a housing assignment was made and the time of the appeal.