This two-story house is located on Theme Row. Relatively large living room space and a good-sized kitchen. Large closet spaces as well, and a lot of storage room in the basement. Priority housing will be given to students interested in this theme. Contact Residence Life to express your interest in this theme prior to February 1.



  • Doubles: Rm 203
  • Singles: Rm 102, 103, 201

Amenities Per Student

  • 1 twin-size bed
  • desk with drawers
  • chair
  • wardrobe/closet

Common Amenities

  • bathrooms: 2 (1 first floor, 1-second floor)
  • fully furnished living room
  • full kitchen
  • full free laundry
  • free wifi

Residential Living Policies, Rates, & Refunds

Housing Selection Process