Puget Sound Fund alumni volunteers reach out with their classmates to reconnect since graduation, share the great things happening at Puget Sound, and share the importance of annual alumni giving. Alumni volunteers raise awareness and funds to benefit the entire campus community by providing much-needed financial aid, by enhancing the academic programs, and by investing in the faculty and the magnificent campus, supporting residential life, and more—all significant assets of the University of Puget Sound.

For information about becoming an alumni volunteer please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 253.879.2923 or pugetsoundfund@pugetsound.edu.

2022-2023 Puget Sound Fund Alumni Volunteers

Chair of Alumni Giving

Ken Teal ’81

Class Gift Agents

2019 Gabi Marrese

2018 Doug Palmer

2017 Kyla Dierking, Alana Levine-Gorelick

2016 Sam Anders, Austin Brittenham, Lisa Colombo, Stephanie Gates, Tim Pogar

2015 Lisa Tucker

2014 Elena Cussler

2013 Katy Appleby, Rachel Borsini, Will Jennings

2012 Lindsay (Hammond) Stoddard, Alli Phillips, Dani Rosengrant

2011 Robert Griswold

2010 Andrew Kitchel

2009 Lyndall Ellingson, Parker Phend

2007 Nick Vasilius

2005 Cheryl Schenk Miller

2003 Liz Calora, Beth Tiffany

2002 Eric Mueller

1999 Courtney (Grey) Hanna

1998 Matt Cooper

1994 Anna Todd

1993 Daniel Pietenpol, Sean Snyder

1992 Shannon Hughes, David Eldred

1988 Deb Waldal Smith

1986 Joel Hefty, Kathy (Kaminoff) Weymiller

1985 Martin Sparks

1984 John Toomer, Whit Campbell, Brian Haynes

1983 Bruce Sadler, Kawehi Marshall

1981 Ken Teal

1978 Bruce Reid

1976 Michael Purdy

1975 Steve Roll

1971 Don Carter

1970 Rick Stockstad

1964 Carol (Strobel) Colleran

1960 Larry Gill