Congratulations! You’ve received funding and your hard work has paid off! What should you do next?

For Federal Grants
The first thing you need to do is contact Barbara Gorzinski, grants manager. Barbara will help you to set up a grant budget number and account.

Notify your department chair and the academic dean that your work has received funding.

As the principal investigator, you will need to monitor all your grant expenses. Barbara Gorzinski can provide you with inception-to-date budget reports.

All federal grant interim and annual project reports can be submitted directly to the funding source by you, the principal investigator, with a copy to Barbara Gorzinski.

Because your grant constitutes a contract, it is important that you communicate any necessary or planned substantial changes to Barbara Gorzinski.

For Private Funding Source Grants
The first thing you need to do is deliver the grant check with all accompanying correspondence to Betty Popenuck, Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR). Then, prepare a thank you note to the funder. The Office of University Relations will prepare a formal thank you letter on behalf of the university and send it to the funding agency with a receipt.

A budget account will be established if funds are not deposited to an existing account. Daily budget information is available on the Cascade system. You will receive quarterly budget update reports from the Office of Finance. It is important that you monitor all grant expenditures and report these appropriately.

The grant award letter received with your check will include information about grant reporting at the end of the grant period. As you conduct work with the grant funds, be sure to pay attention to the objectives outlined in your grant application. You will be asked to report to the funding source on the achievement of your objectives at the end of the grant period. CFR will monitor grant reporting deadlines and notify you one month prior to the report due date. Please contact CFR with any questions about grant reporting. All private grant reports must be reviewed by CFR prior to being sent to the funding source.

Please allow 5 business days for review of your grant report.