Theme Living Staff Positions

Residence Life has a variety of themed living opportunities that may be of interest to potential candidates. If you are interested in being placed in one of these themed areas, please indicate your preference in your cover letter and why you would make a good match for each particular community you are interested in. Please not that some communities require additional approval from offices outside of Residence Life.

Adventure Education

Three RA positions located in Schiff Hall. Schiff Hall is the Adventure Education Living and Learning community, which is part of Puget Sound’s Outdoor Programs. RAs do not need to have experience with Outdoor Programs, but must possess the desire to learn, program, and experience outdoor adventures. The RAs are also responsible for facilitating the creation of floor community standards.

Business Leadership Program Cohort

One RA position located in Anderson/Langdon Hall to support the Business Leadership Program (BLP) Cohort. This RA will support the development of the cohort. This RA must be a member of BLP. The RA is also responsible for facilitating the creation of floor community standards. 

Environmental and Outdoor Leadership Flat

The Environmental and Outdoor Leadership Flat is located in Thomas Hall. This flat was created to bring together juniors and seniors with different interests to create a community which inspires each other through your engagement on and off campus. This flat brings together those interested in: environmental policy and decision making, environmental science, outdoor leadership, sustainability, environmental activism, natural history or experiential education. 

Healthy Options Floor

One RA position located in Harrington Hall.  The theme is based on a wellness concept; that of intentionally living a balanced, healthy, substance free life by focusing on the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and vocational dimensions of wellness.  The RA will be responsible for facilitating the creation of floor community standards.  This RA must be committed to model a balanced, healthy, substance free lifestyle.

Honors Community

The Honors program has two positions within Residence Life. One RCC position located in Langlow, at 1218 N. Alder Street. In addition to additional on-campus houses, this RCC assists the Honors Program in several areas such as Langlow Teas, Honors outings, and the Honors Senior Graduation Celebration (among others) and must be a member of the Honors Program. Langlow is a sophomore and above living community. In addition, the Honors Program houses their first-year cohort in Regester Hall. This RA must be a member of the Honors Program. Each position supports these communities as a member of Residence Life, as well as a liaison to the Honors program.


There are two positions in the Humanities program. One RA position located in Regester Hall and one RCC position located in Thomas Hall.  This dynamic program provides a residential learning experience for students interested in the ways that ideas find expression through the arts. Residents represent all academic majors, including those in the natural and social sciences, but have in common a special interest in the arts (literary, theatrical, visual, aural) and their relationship to history, philosophy, and religion. Many students minor in the Humanities, although this is not a residential requirement.

Michel Rocchi International District Flat

The Michel Rocchi International District is located in Thomas Hall. It is an experiential living community with like-minded students with an international focus. This program will provide a home for study abroad students to orient themselves pre-departure and re-acclimate upon returning to Puget Sound. Beyond study abroad, this will also be a home for any students whose academic pursuits and interests include an international component. Possible activities associated with this program may include: study abroad returnee picture night; international movie night; study abroad interest meetings; international food night/celebrations of holidays from different cultures; speakers on topics such as international careers, grad school, international volunteer opportunities, political issues in relevant countries; a service project; and/or day trips or overnight field trips. 

Residential Seminar Floors

A number of first-year students taking the same seminar course will be living together on floors throughout first-year communities.  The topic of each seminar is very different, and will thus influence the environment on the floor.  Students are encouraged to discuss information garnered in the classroom in the comfortable setting of their residential environment.  Faculty members will plan activities in the halls, and occasionally leaders will be asked to assist in this process.  The exact locations of these seminars are still to be determined for next year.  

Substance Free Floor

This RA position is located in Harrington Hall.  Selected upper-class and first-year students live in this community accommodating students who are committed to substance-free lifestyle.  The RA is responsible for developing social and educational programs which support the residents’ desire to live and socialize without the influence of alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal substances. The RA must commit to being drug and alcohol free.