The University of Puget Sound is primarily a residential campus and requires all students to live on-campus for their first two academic years with the university, nearly 30 percent of University of Puget Sound students live in the surrounding community. Of those students living off campus, about 80 percent live in the North End neighborhood, within one mile of campus.

Living Off Campus

Living off campus can bring both more freedom and more responsibility for students.

The Rights and Responsibilities page provides information about the landlord/tenant relationship, including how repairs should be handled and the access rights of landlords to rental properties.

Having a good relationship with housemates and neighbors is an important part of living off-campus, and the Conflict Resolution page has information about that topic.

And safety is always important, so be sure to check out the Safety page for tips on staying safe living off-campus.

Moving In

After making the decision to move off campus there are a number of things to keep in mind while searching for new place to live and moving in. Finding a good, safe place to live is the important first step when moving off campus and starting out with a fair lease will most likely lead to a smooth rental experience.

The Looking for Housing section has tips on where to find house and apartment listings, and what to look for when visiting potential rental units. Negotiating Your Lease has information on deposits and fees and condition checklists, as well as guidelines for a good lease or rental agreement. After moving in, House Setup has guidelines for setting up utilities, saving energy, and renter's insurance.

Moving Out

Ending your tenancy under positive and negative circumstances requires diligence and attention to detail.

Our handy Move Out Checklist that has tips for cleaning and leaving your unit ready for inspection. Learn how to get the most back of your security deposit and about subletting your rental.