Support Groups

Support groups are a safe space to grow and process with other students who may have similar experiences. Groups are led by psychology or medical staff. Group offerings may vary through the year based upon expressed interest and availability.  Some groups require a brief screening prior to joining. 

Group Offerings for Spring 2021

12-Step Groups (Open to All Students both In and Out of State)

All Addictions Anonymous (AAA)
Includes ALL obsessive, compulsive patterns such as drinking alcohol, using drugs, gambling, sex, self-harm or injury, food, anorexia, bulimia, sugar, smoking, co-dependency etc., anyone can certainly increase this list and all are welcome. Friday 12:00–1 p.m. Contact Colleen Carette, PA-C x2939. Ongoing.

Workshop (Open to All Students both In and Out of State)

Life Hacking Skills Group
The general goal of this 12 week workshop is for participants to learn to change their behaviors, to manage emotions and thoughts more effectively, and to live the life that they believe is worth living. Skills will be broken into four modules: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. While in the skills class, participants will learn and practice their skills. It is in the practicing of these skills throughout the week that they will gain the confidence and knowledge to integrate these skills into a way of acting, feeling and thinking as a matter of routine. While you do not have to attend every session, we hope that you will since each of the lessons build on each other.
Contact Info:
Monday: 1-2:30pm Contact Chris Engelmann, MA x2771 and Sean Whalen, MA
Wednesday: 4-5:30pm Contact Khalila Fordham, PsyD x2847 and Shirreka Mackay, MA

Process Groups (Open to students currently residing in WA state, both on and off campus)

Dungeons and Dragons
Grab your swords and get ready to have an adventure! This group is geared towards improving social skills, engaging in social interactions, and addressing social anxiety through the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The game is inherently social, and this group is designed to facilitate positive social engagement in a fun and natural way. Time will also be provided for the group to debrief and discuss each gaming session. This group is also open to new and experienced players. Wednesday 5-6:30pm Contact Chris Engelmann, MA x2771 and Juniper Thistlemoss Slayton, MA x 2783

Between the Lines (LGBTQIA group)
Social and emotional support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual students as well as those questioning their identity. Thursday 4-5:30p.m. Contact Erin Potts, PsyD x2774 and Juniper Thistlemoss Slayton, MA x2783

Grief and Loss Support
Help dealing with the loss of someone or something important, such as a death, the loss of a relationship, a change in physical health or skills, future plans/dreams, or a cultural adjustment.
Contact Info: Contact Dave Wright, University Chaplain x3818

Injured Student Athlete Support Group
This group is designed to create a safe space for student athletes to discuss the challenges they experience during an injury and the recovery process, as well as their identity as a student athlete.
Contact Info: Wednesday 12-1pm Contact Charee Boulter, PhD x3955 and Chris Engelmann, MA x2771

Mindful Communication: Self-Care and Emotional Boundaries in Real Time
The Mindful Communication group is focused on creating a culture of self-care, boundaries, consent, and creative emotional communication. The group will include mindfulness and authentic relating practices that aid members in caring for their nervous systems and engaging in mutually supportive connection with each other. Starting from a place of rest and resource, group members will explore how to connect with each other while being in choice about their boundaries. Our intention is to help group members learn to care for others while caring for themselves in real time, balancing autonomy and interdependence. This group would be especially beneficial for people in leadership roles that involve lots of communication, people who love caring for others but may be susceptible to burnout or compassion fatigue, people looking to build careers in counseling/social work or related fields, or people that are emotionally/spiritually inclined.
Contact Info: Tuesday 5-6:30pm Contact Bill O’Connor, MS x2851 and Juniper Thistlemoss Slayton, MA x2783