LGBTQ+ Resources at Puget Sound

The University of Puget Sound received a rating of 4/5 on the Campus Pride Index in 2019 for its institutional commitment and resources provided for sexual orientation and gender identity. 

For many students, college provides a unique time and opportunity for exploring various facets of their personal identities, which includes sexual identity, gender expression, and more. The Office for Intercultural Engagement is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all members of the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, trans, non-binary, queer and beyond) community. This page offers resources for support, advocacy, campus involvement, and information for the queer community and their allies. 

The Center for Intercultural & Civic Engagement offers both professional staff and student-lead presentations and workshops related to engaging and understanding LGBTQ+ identities and issues (e.g. gender identity and pronouns; sexual orientation; identity development; mental health; etc) at the foundational/introductory level. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are interested in learning more, please contact the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement.

Campus Services

Student Diversity Center and Social Justice Center conduct student-directed activities for historically marginalized and/or underrepresented groups on campus, and serves as a gathering space for student-run clubs pertaining to identity, diversity, marginalized communities. 

Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services (Located on the 2nd Floor of Wheelock Student Center, Suite 216) provides physical examinations, testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and a number of peer support groups, including "Between the Lines," a confidential peer support group for Queer students. 

Career & Employment Services (Located in Howarth 101) assists LGBTQ job seekers with the information and support they need to achieve a successful and fulfilling work life, on- or off-campus. 

Spiritual Life & University Chaplain The University Chaplain is available for both advocacy and confidential support for all students. As part of the Yellow House, the Office for Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement (SLICE) works closely with the Student Diversity Center in working to create welcoming spaces for all loggers. SLICE also works to offer programs and small groups exploring the intersections of Queer identities and diverse spiritual practices on- and off-campus. Kilworth Memorial Chapel has welcomed weddings and union ceremonies for Queer-identified students, faculty, staff, and alumni since 1995, and is available to all members of the campus as a resource for spiritual life and support. For more information, contact University Chaplain and Director for Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement, Dave Wright

Student Spaces, Organizations, and Publications

Q&A (Queer Alliance) 

WETLANDS MAGAZINE (Puget Sound's submission-based Gender Studies Literary & Arts Publication dealing with issues of gender, identity, sexuality, politics, and intersectionality)

Click here for a list of student organizations that are affiliated with or connected to Intercultural Engagement and the SDC!

Campus Involvement, Efforts, and Events

BRAVE (Bystander Revolution Against Violence) is a coordinator position through the Division of Student Affairs that sponsors Take Back the Night in both Fall and Spring semesters each year. 

LAVENDER GRADUATES celebrates and recognizes the unique successes and challenges met by LGBTQ students during their time at Puget Sound. 

LGBT LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP recognizes and awards educational funding to students who have demonstrated leadership and involvement in LGBTQ communities on campus. 

TRANSGENDER ADVOCACY AND INCLUSION COMMITTEE is comprised of students, staff, and faculty who take an active role and share in the responsibility of examining what Puget Sound is doing as a campus community to address transgender inclusion in all aspects of campus life.

All-Gender Restrooms

Gender inclusive bathrooms are marked with signs that say “All Gender Restroom”.  For a complete list of their locations, click here. “All-Gender Restroom” was the term selected by the Accessibility Work Group after receiving input and feedback from students, staff, and faculty, to be inclusive of all gender identities including those individuals who identify as having no gender. 

Housing & Roommates

Residence Life at the University of Puget Sound affirms the gender identity of all residents. Residence Life will always recognize and respect the stated gender of a student. Every attempt is made to match students to housing that fits their unique and individual needs as they relate to their personal gender identity and expression. Students who identify as transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or outside of traditional gender identity or expression definitions are invited to tell Residence Life in their own words their gender identity. Using the housing application for new students, students should indicate in the final question they have more information for Residence Life they would like considered in their housing placement. The Assistant Director for Residence Life Operations will contact each individual regarding their specific needs or concerns. Any questions about the housing application may be directed to Students who inform Residence Life of their gender identity in a timely manner will be housed in keeping with their gender identity/expression, considering the needs of the student.

In the fall of 2016 Residence Life established themed housing option for continuing students known as the Trans & Non-Binary House. This house is under the advisement and mentorship of a staff member trained and well versed in current best practice in supporting trans and non-binary students. In addition, one or more other less public housing options are available for students who prefer to live in community with other non-cisgender students, and do not wish to live in a the theme house. Each of these communities is composed of single rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Special care is taken in the hiring process for the student staff Resident Community Coordinator (RCC) responsible for this community.