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(On Leave 2023-2024)

Teaching courses in theoretical mathematics, such as algebraic topology and applied statistics, Prof. Bernhard enjoys researching the connections among seemingly unrelated topics, such as geometry and probability theory.

As a developmental psychologist, Prof. Beyer teaches a variety of psych classes at all levels. Much of his research focuses on language comprehension, particularly in people whose first language isn't English.

Prof. Birlenbach's research is focused on the intersection of evolution and ecology, utilizing the fossil record to better understand biotic and abiotic influences on the evolution of mammalian species.

Prof. Boisvert studies and teaches organic chemistry while focusing his organic and organometallic chemistry research on the development and implementation of more efficient and sustainable chemical processes.

Prof. Boyles's current research focuses on physical therapy involving extremities and the spine. His main field of teaching is orthopedics, including manual therapy treatment techniques.

(On Leave Fall 2023)

Prof. Brackett is an avid writer, with work appearing in several publications. Her teaching and research focuses on African American pop culture, intercultural communication, and contemporary issues.